miss chief

Miss Chief and her band have turned strange tales into songs. stories of paranoid birds, cross faded imbeciles who lost their souls, star crossed Spanish lovers and a land for the drunkards known as Barzil. @_misschief_  www.misschief.bandcamp.com www.facebook.com/misschiefmusic  misschiefmusica@gmail.com

it’s just another day

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you’re not real mister. 

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For a split second I thought about what could be… I suppose I’ll save that kind of fantasy for my dreams. 

4 summers ago I had an adventure I’ll never forget…

I’ve forgotten all of young love’s joy…

— Amy Winehouse


Ya burnt

bad girlz club


Thanks for saving me from my own thoughts and from having a shitty night after such a great day, lil drunkie. Love you girl.

aw you’re welcome mister. i got yo back boi <3

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