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Miss Chief & her band have turned strange tales into songs. stories of paranoid birds, cross faded imbeciles who lost their souls, star crossed Spanish lovers & a land for the drunkards known as Barzil. www.misschief.bandcamp.com   

 Nina Simone, c. 1959

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We were always the dork band from Anaheim. We never were cool enough or tough enough, because we grew up in Orange County with all those punk bands. We played with them but I always felt like Shirley Temple—just this little lollipop out there—and I could never have a really raspy or loud, screaming voice. We just never fit in. Plus, all the LA people looked down on us because we were from Orange County. We weren’t “cool.”

ain’t that funny….

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"But you are a woman who stage dives…" [x]

another idiot journalist.  cayou ever imagine them asking a male musician that  jfc.  and she’s so disgusted 

i luuuuub her <3

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The Salton Sea smells like pedo 🌊🐟💨💀🙊 (at Salton Sea)

Hope y’all are enjoying the Labor Day weekend! The band and I have another show this Thursday with @naivethieves and @sonnyloveband at the Mission Tobacco Lounge, more details soon! Until then here’s some cartoony versions of me and my mates 😘❤️


Illustration by Julien Jacques LeClerc

For La Vie Parisienne


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